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Welcome! I'm posting on this page all the cakes & desserts that I've created. All of my cakes are homemade, covered in homemade buttercream frosting, and decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant, almond and chocolate flavored (This is fondant that you will actually want to eat). I have several cake flavors and am always looking for new flavors to try. Quality is the most important thing to me in my cakes - I won't make something that tastes bad just to look good and neither will I make something that tastes good but is boring.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cute Cow Cake

Here's the latest in my cake adventures. Though I must admit, it's been too long since I've done a cake! Are you all afraid to ask for cakes because I have twins at home? Come on, admit it...... okay well, maybe it's not cake season. All I'm saying is that I'm in the mood for sugar. And I have a new flavor, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cake. Does it sound too much? Well it's not - definitely going to be making myself one soon if someone else doesn't want one. Or, I've been in such a mood for an ice cream cake lately, the recipe I have in mind has oreos, ganche, brownies - everything you could ever want in an ice cream cake. I must find an excuse to make one... anyways, back to this cute cow cake.

You're looking at a 3 "moo"ed cake (that is, 3 cows on top of a cow decorated cake). Decorated with the birthday girl's name, flowers & of course plenty of sugar & butter. One of my favorite parts of this cake is the homemade chocolate marshmallow fondant on top of almond buttercream. Yes I know I'm supposed to hate fondant, it's supposed to be disgusting and only to make a cake look good - not taste good. Well too bad, I really like the homemade marshmallow kind, especially with a good dose of cocoa powder in it. (Plus it's a lot easier to get the black color starting from brown instead of white). I have to admit that I had some left over from making the cake & I just had a few bites here and there until it was gone. So with all of that said, fondant CAN taste good.

Don't you just love the "moo" face on the third cow??? It cracks me up. That and the belly buttons. Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Jenna!

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  1. Adorable!! You are so talented. BTW, I know that all of the DB mom's would love your choc chip cookie dough cake if you really must find someone to indulge. :-)