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Welcome! I'm posting on this page all the cakes & desserts that I've created. All of my cakes are homemade, covered in homemade buttercream frosting, and decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant, almond and chocolate flavored (This is fondant that you will actually want to eat). I have several cake flavors and am always looking for new flavors to try. Quality is the most important thing to me in my cakes - I won't make something that tastes bad just to look good and neither will I make something that tastes good but is boring.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Jack-O-Lantern Cake

Happy Halloween! This cake was for my husband's food day at work. Originally I was going to make a small little pumpkin shaped cake (chocolate & white cake layered with vanilla buttercream frosting), but then he said - oh there's a competition for its Halloween-ness. So last minute, I amped up my cake by adding a few more layers (making this a 4 1/2 layer cake!) and making a few fondant spiders who are "infesting" the pumpkin. So, the entire cake is actually one big cake and 100% edible. The stem is also cake with butercream frosting. I had fun with my first true cake carving experience and realized I need a much better knife! :-) Have a safe and candy-full Halloween!

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